A Great Day in Philly


23 July 2011 | 0 Comments

So I’m UP! Just came back from a sailboat ride & lunch w/”miss-you-know-who” (lil’ Princess – my 6 year old!) Lmbo! Now, she’s sleep & I’m finishing my crunches & running on the treadmill. I’ma shower and head right out to Charlie Mack’s Celebrity get-together & then swing by Bob Davis’ Soul Patrol (http://www.soul-patrol.com/convention) before I make my way to WARMDADDY’S to do MY 2 SETS!!!! (wish I could get a pedicure!) BUT Come by if you’re in Philly – the party begins at 7PM! (1400 Columbus Blvd., Philadelphia, PA 19147
215-462-2000) ….. Thank God for a great EW Crew (MD, vocal corrdinator, childcare, awesome band, beautiful spirited singers, EW assistant and a cheerleading squad at home!) because they’re helping mama do her thing!!! Lmbo! Love you guys!

XoXo, EW

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