Doing What I Do!


8 July 2011 | 0 Comments

Just leaving rehearsal with my radio bLArrring in my truck! The vibration of the speakers has the NY wall streeters bouncing their heads crossing the intersection at the light. I can’t help but to giggle because I wanna park my truck right here & hand ’em all a copy of what I’m listening to ROCK & RAINCLOUD by yours truly! “Fiiiiiirah, watah I’m the Rock & the Rainclouds daughter.. One sister actually winked & threw her hand up like she was testifyin’ & I tooted my horn and pushed through the green light.
Philly, DC, Baltimore I’m coming baby & I cAnt WAIT to see ur faces JULY 22 & 23 at WARMDADDY’S! 

Checkout for your reservations! XoXo, EW

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